Fred is a motivated and established software developer, designer and team leader with a strong focus on code craftsmanship, business values and user experience. He's worked at companies such as Envato, SitePoint, PlayUp and Locomote and is currently working at REA Group.

Having built his first webpage back in 1997, Fred soon became interested in and started dabbling in the web industry.

Fred is a passionate open source developer who has made contributions to many dozens of open source projects including being one of the top 200 committers of Ruby on Rails - one of the most popular web frameworks, and an early co-author of Slim - one of the most popular template engines for Ruby. Today, ruby gems developed by Fred have a combined downloads of 5mil+.

In 2012 Fred was invited to speak at RubyConf China ( His talk "Become a Better Developer You Can" was well received and has been tweeted by many industry veterans including Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz) - the author of the Ruby programming language.

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